101 Pictures

Published by RRB Photobooks

First published 2020

Hardcover with printed cloth, 29.5 x 24.5 cm

124 pages

ISBN 978-1-9160575-5-5

Selection by Martin Parr

Sequencing and cover design by Padraig Timoney

101 Pictures is a concise and considered look back at Wood's work selected by Martin Parr, edited and sequenced by Padraig Timoney. This is the first English language retrospective of Wood’s work, casting light on his 25 year long testament to the people of Merseyside. It includes previously unseen photographs, alongside major works such as the infamous nightclub series, Looking for Love, (1989) and from his seminal Photie Man (2005) publication.

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This beautifully printed book of both colour and black and white photographs, shows us what a great portrait artist Wood is... his pictures are about bonds and ties, about relations and affinities between people: at the market, at the nightclub, travelling on buses, waiting for the ferry, at work, at the football, or being cared for in the last stages of life. The focus is on people who are very much present, and presence is a good way of describing what his portraits possess, the sense of people being there...

Mark Durden, LensCulture

© Tom Wood