All Zones Off Peak

Published by Dewi Lewis 

First published 1998

Hardcover 30.5 x 25 cm

96 pages 

ISBN 1-899235-86-8

Sequencing by Mark Holborn

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As good a set of pictures that one sees every 5 or 10 years, if you’re lucky...just plain, fine, moving pictures.”
Lee Friedlander

“It was a great feat to persuade such a multiplicity of formally divergent themes and quotations to hang together and complement each other in this extraordinary picture of the ‘ordinary’. Wood takes us through the Merseyside of the 80s and 90s on a multi-dimensional conceptual and aesthetic journey that can honestly be described as Joycean.”

Padraig Timoney, Frieze Magazine, Issue 44, 1999

“... Much more fluid his approach is than the current conventions of post-Conceptual photography or photojournalism dictate. Eschewing the antithetical forms of simplification specific to programmatic typologies on the one hand and commodified empathy on the other, Wood's eye expresses itself through elaboration rather than encapsulation, expansion rather than condensation...”

Barry Schwabsky, ArtForum, Dec 2000

© Tom Wood