Bus Odyssey

Published by Hatje Cantz

First published 2001

Hardcover 23.5 x 23.3 cm

119 pages 

ISBN 3-7757-1122-8

Sequencing by Padraig Timoney

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"Their faces lined and weary, their clothing altered by ever-changing fashions-the people who ride buses everyday are hardly the stuff of photographs. But the pictures Tom Wood has taken during 20 years of travel on Liverpool's buses are much more than documents of mass transit in England. Rather, they transport viewers and riders alike 0n an odyssey in which the unspectacular becomes interesting. Seen only through the windows of a bus, the streets, buildings, parks, traffic, and pedestrians of Liverpool are recreated from a human and accessible perspective. The bus itself becomes a predominantly visual space, a metal box with vast areas of glass, a viewfinder that creates an inherent narrative as it moves though a city transformed into pictorial space."

Lens Culture

© Tom Wood