Looking For Looking For Love

Published by Sorika

First published 2014

Hardback, linen bound 19.5 x 24.5 cm

78 pages 

ISBN 978 0 957557 3 69     

Photographs by Tom Wood Remixed & Remodelled by Gareth McConnell

Concept and design by Gareth McConnell

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“A ‘remixed’ limited edition of Wood’s iconic book, images freeze-frame the aspirational style of the 1980’s, the decade of the Face magazine and nascent style culture - the hairstyles, the clothes and the jewellery - as well as the unchanging rituals of alcohol-fuelled courtship.

The original Looking For Love contains a double-page collage of pictures from the Chelsea Reach that did not make it into the final selection. It is these photographs that (Gareth) McConnell has blown up, scanned and rearranged into a new, but parallel, narrative. For all it’s edgy energy, the reimagined Looking For Love is an elegy for a lost time, and perhaps even for the style of photography that captured it, and in so doing helped render it historic.

The end result is an even more raw and free-formed companion piece to the original.”

Sean O’Hagan, The Guardian Media, May 2015

© Tom Wood