Looking for Love

Published by Cornerhouse in association with Aperture 

First published 1989

Softcover 28.5 x 22.4 cm

70 pages 

ISBN 0948797-45-2

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“Wood’s Looking For Love series brings to the Chelsea Reach nightclub in 80’s New Brighton, the kind of insights Brassai brought to the 30’s Paris nightlife. His flashlight glare reveals a fascinating crush of booze-drenched bodies, groping hands, flickering tongues, bleary eyes, fag smoke and sweat.”

Robert Clark, The Guardian, 3/3/1990

“Tom Wood’s extraordinary, candid studies of nightclub–goers... Remarkable for their chaotic subject–matter, the frankness in which it is treated and the rapport Wood must have had with his subjects (a bloody nose and a broken camera seem the more likely result).”

Adrian Henri, Liverpool Daily Post, 8/3/1990

© Tom Wood