Published by Steidl (Men/Women)

First published 2013

Hardback, clothbound 19.8 x 25.5 cm

162 pages 

ISBN 978-3-86930-570-7

Sequencing by Padraig Timoney

Before moving to North Wales in 2003, Tom Wood had been photographing the people of his Liverpool neighbourhood for almost three decades. In these two volumes, Wood displays carefully edited photographs taken from his archives filled with artistic chronicles of the lives of men and women. Even though the pictures are not presented in a chronological order, Men and Women ends up being a book saturated with history, showing Liverpool in transition from its industrial past.

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“Wood’s splendid new two-volume collection … exhibits a personal involvement, however fleeting, with his subject, especially the old and the young … Whatever the situation, Wood finds unexpected harmonies and details that quietly illuminate what it is like to grow old. He is among the most thoughtful photographers working today, in any style.”

Richard B Woodward, The Wall Street Journal, 14 June 2013

“A tireless, whimsical array of pictures depicting a range of characters that span the decades and overwhelm the various frames and formats containing them. It is almost unfathomable that one photographer made all of these pictures. They come in color, in black & white, ostensibly made with large and small cameras, evoking the snapshot, the found, the family, the appropriated, the employee of the month, the centerfold, the event…"

Peter Baker, ASX

© Tom Wood