Snatch out of time

Published by Super Labo

First Published 2022

Hardcover Size 24.5cm x 19cm

168 Pages

ISBN 978-4-908512-63-6

Sequencing by Padraig Timoney

Tom Wood met up with artist and collaborator Padraig Timoney to finalise the Men and Women book layouts in 2011. As their work was finished, retiring to a nearby hostelry, Timoney presented Wood with a “surprise” - a dummy book he had put together, made up of outtakes from the Photie Man book they had worked on 10 years earlier. However due to time limitations it was left unpublished. Now re-edited to include more images and material from the past 10 years.

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Ocean blue eyes that challenge the lens, others that escape it to light a cigarette, a languid kiss on a station platform… Tom Wood glides through British people’s everyday life with his Leica equipped with black and white and color film. The photographer, a keen observer, casts a kind eye on people. With his distinct vision of England in the 80s and 90s, Tom Wood’s photographic work is brought together in his latest book, Snatch out of time.

Iris Mandret, Blind Magazine

© Tom Wood