Published by GwinZegal

First published 2018

Hardcover, linen with dust jacket 27 x 18 cm

131 pages 

ISBN 979-10-94060-21-6

Text by Paul Farley

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“There is life in Tom Wood’s photographs… Faces of 1979, smiles from 1979, at the end of a world. Liverpool’s Pier Head the ferry port, a space reserved for passage, immortalised in this series of images… Decades later, we see these individuals… these faces whose expressions stop me. The more I look at them, the more they seem complex, difficult to decipher even when everything is there, before my eyes.”

Jakuta Alikavazovic, Liberation France 2018

“Termini arrives as the latest chapter in what is, despite its epic scope, a determinedly street-level, human-scale story... The more we look at the photographs, the more the act of passing time is absorbed into that most enduring of human subjects, the delicate yet urgent matter of time passing.”

David Chandler, Financial Times Magazine, 23/24 December 2017

© Tom Wood