Women's Market

Published by Stanley Barker

First published 2018

Hardcover, flexibound 24 x 30 cm

50 pages 

ISBN 978-1-9164106-0-2

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“(Wood’s) presence is rarely noticed … lending the images a distinctive intimacy - as if we too might be just a few feet away… a wordless narrative whose openness is a reflection of Wood’s abilities not just as a documentarian but as a storyteller. Women’s Market suggests lives far beyond just those of the people photographed within it, inviting us in to invent our own place amidst it all.”

Louise Benson, Elephant.Art 2018

I was first introduced to Great Homer Street market in 1975, by a girlfriend with family in Dingle, Liverpool. At that time, I bought two double breasted Worsted wool three piece suits and a three buttoned pin stripe suit with turn ups, for a total of four pounds. I thought, “what a great market!” It was vast then down both sides of the street, but by the time I began to photograph the second-hand clothes had all but disappeared. Yet the market was still crowded with the same mothers and daughters who for generations had frequented “Greatie.”

Tom Wood

© Tom Wood